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May 19, 2024  ~  May 25, 2024






                                      ALL ARE WELCOME!!




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All Saints, Round Lake is Hiring ~



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MISSION Offering for May ~ Beaver Cross Ministries/Diocesan Youth ~ is a year-round youth ministry with retreats and break camps during the school year and summer camp.  





CTK Listening Sessions

Have you been wondering about the future of Christ the King Center?  YOU have been invited to come and share your mission focused thoughts with the Christ the King Oversight Board on the role of Christ the King Center.  You are welcome to attend any sessions being offered.  There are a variety of dates & venues.  For more information and to pre-register online through the Diocesan website by going to


and scrolling down to click on the "Quick Link" for     "Listening Session Registration"

Your thoughts and perspectives provided through the Listening Sessions will enhance the Oversight Board's efforts to discern the future of how Christ the King fits into the larger mission of the Diocese of "Disciples Making Disciples"


Readers & Counters needed for Sunday services.  Neither ministry is difficult.  There are instruction sheets!  The new schedule is coming out soon and we would love to include you!  Please contact Cathy Fare at or see her in church if you are interested.


72 in 23! Campaign Update ~ Look for the Building Fund envelopes with the hammer in the back of the church to make your contribution.


Coffee Hour Host ~  Have you ever wondered how coffee hour happens?  Coffee Hour Team Leader, Maggie organizes the coffee hours.  Parishioners sign up for whatever week works best for them by contacting Maggie.  A coffee hour host provides snacks by hosting alone or team up with another person.  There is NO set menu, it is what you  would like to provide.  If you would like to host a Sunday Coffee Hour, please chat with Maggie.  She would love to hear from you.



The 2024 Vestry is:  Sr. Warden ~ Pat Ellis  Jr. Warden ~ Peg Newell     Vestry:  Cathy, Maggie, Jim, Marie, Julie & Ken.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to any vestry member.  ALL Vestry meeting's are OPEN to EVERYONE. 



Prayers for the Week Healing Prayer:

Prayer requests for this week are for Robert, Kathleen, Ben, Larry, Nick, Andrew, Thomas, Jean, RaiLee, Faith, Mary Anne, Daniel, Susan, Jerome, Bob, Chris, Sean, Doug, Sandy,  Jennifer, Donna, Joan, Diane, Tracy, Ella, Jack, Joe, Mary, Fred,  Meredith, Nancy, Paul, Jim, Ross, Raya, Gordon, Danielle, Jenn, Hope, Gino, Michael, Tim, Peg L,  Cathy, Milo, and Susan R.



Prayers for All Saints Parishioners: Each week we pray for members of our congregation. This week we pray for the Alan Joseph.


Birthdays:    Cathy Parnapy


Anniversaries:  Jen & Mike Leonard & Karla Banach

*IF we don't have your birthday or anniversary, we cannot celebrate YOU.  Please give the office a call and let us know.


Book of Remembrance:  Roger C Dales


  • Service for THIS SUNDAY, May 19, 2024 @ 9:30AM

 Reader 1  ~  Ken C  Reader 2  ~  Kathy P   C /P ~  Cathy F

Coffee Hour Hostess  ~  Kathy P

Videographer  ~   Maya

 Counters  ~  Peg N & Marie C

Nursery ~  Bella & Karyn


Links to Sunday, May 19th  Readings